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Super Fan

Super Fan

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs my mom and my grandfather were big Cubs fans. I didn’t realize we had another baseball team until I was a teenager. I asked my mom why I didn’t hear more about them. She said there was a rivalry among Cubs and Sox fans and we were Cubs fans. But of course she changed her tune when the Chicago White Sox were in the Championship. I found myself rooting for the Sox. In a family of Cubs fans the Sox seemed like the underdogs. And everyone likes to root for the underdogs. It wasn’t until I married a White Sox fan that I picked a side. White Sox all the way. Sorry Cubs fans.

I was happy we only had one hockey team to root for. This year the Chicago Blackhawks are not disappointing us! The Chicago Blackhawks are having an awesome season!  Their great run of wins is making hockey all the more exciting. Hockey games in general are one of the more exciting games to watch for me.  It surely beats watching golf.

The Chicago Blackhawks fans have a great opportunity to acquire some awesome Chicago Blackhawks souvenirs this season. At their website Chicagoblackhawks.com they are drawing one lucky fans name a game for Blackhawks souvenirs.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for a Chicago Blackhawks fan we also at www.AwesomeCreations.com have a great Chicago Blackhawks Gift Basket. This popular gift basket is filled with Blackhawks souvenirs and snacks.  It’s a great gift for any Chicago Blackhawks fan.


Chicago’s weather may be unpredictable. But, the Chicago Blackhawks are taking our minds off of these cold, yucky winter months.

Wishing you Many Gifts & Blessings,
Christy  ~Awesome Creations

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