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Just A Little Something

Creative Ideas for those hard to buy for people
Do you have someone on your shopping list that is hard to buy for? They don't need anything. They have everything. Well maybe they like to be the expert on all things. Someone who doesn't necessarily like to read but loves to learn.Then shoot for books with topics that are in their wheel house. Do they like to garden? How about "The Art of Gardening" by Graham Stuart Thomas? You can get a nice canvas tote with pockets and put gardening tools, a sun hat, water bottle, knee pad etc. Or do ..
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 Mother’s Day is almost here and for some it’s pretty hard to think of gifts. I have never had this problem for a woman, but I would think it might be for some. Jewelry is always a good standby. But maybe she has too many pieces or just doesn’t wear it. Flowers, especially for outdoor planting is popular. You can also add in your help to Spring Clean her garden, weeding, trimming, planting is most helpful. It would give you great pictures too, outside surrounded by all the greenery. ..
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Fall Back
Fall Back - 11/21/2014
Fall Back… Are you ready for fall? I am not. I love the summer, even as hot as it has been here in Chicago. I will take warm any day over cold. I can’t function in cold. But I do like the change in seasons. To me, it signals a fresh start, something new. I like to spring clean at every season change. At home I get bags and boxes of goodwill ready. Here at the shop we sell off extra merchandise to our network of Gift Basket owners. Freecycle and Craiglist were great for us during our move ..
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Aside - 11/21/2014
Father’s Day is almost here and for some it’s pretty hard to think of aFather’s Day gift for Dad. It is especially for that Dad who seems to have everything already. We are tired of buying clothes, probably as much as they are of getting them. Not too exciting of a gift but definitely a gift we fall back on when we can’t come up with anything. Or we turn to the gift card to a book store, restaurant or electronics. How do we come up with a great gift that is unique and memorable? The ..
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A Taste of Chicago
A Taste of Chicago - 11/21/2014
One of the perks of having a gift basket business is taste testing all the cookies, chocolates, candy, etc. we put in our gift baskets. I found one company here in Chicago that blew us away. Chicago Butter Cookies Co. Their butter cookies just melt in your mouth. Plus their flavor, The Pier, is dipped in chocolate! So good, it’s hard not to eat them all. We only put products in our gift baskets that we would actually eat and want to eat again. This company was a great Chicago find fo..
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Here Comes Peter Cottontail
The Easter Bunny is gearing up for another great season. How tired he must be. I wondered how far back this Easter Basket tradition went.  Easter basket to kids dates back to 1682 in Georg Franck von Frankenau’s De ovis paschal bus (About Easter Eggs). That is a long time but I thought it would have been even longer. For me, I love this tradition and nothing is more fun than watching my kids hunt for Easter eggs Easter morning. One thing that is a little crazy is ..
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Super Fan
Super Fan - 11/21/2014
Growing up in the Chicago suburbs my mom and my grandfather were big Cubs fans. I didn’t realize we had another baseball team until I was a teenager. I asked my mom why I didn’t hear more about them. She said there was a rivalry among Cubs and Sox fans and we were Cubs fans. But of course she changed her tune when the Chicago White Sox were in the Championship. I found myself rooting for the Sox. In a family of Cubs fans the Sox seemed like the underdogs. And everyone likes to root for the un..
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A Walk In The Park
A Walk In The Park - 11/21/2014
Spring is almost here, according to the groundhog. Still looks pretty wintery here in Chicago. But now is the time I make my list with my family of everything we would like to do this spring and summer.  These two seasons are always so short and go by so fast. So, we make a list of things we want to accomplish before summer’s end. One idea that always tops our list is a picnic. From deciding what food to bring to what activities we want to do once we are there, it’s always excit..
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Happy New You!
Happy New You! - 11/21/2014
It’s that time of year again. Time to make New Year’s Resolutions. What resolutions do you make every year? Are they the same ones? Did you accomplish last year’s?  I know I always make the same ones every year. To pray more often, to lose weight, to eat healthy and to fill each month with fun activities so I can look back on the year and say Wow! I accomplished a lot in this past year. But, things don’t always go as planned. LIfe gets in the way, we get busy. So many of my resolutio..
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Well hopefully it won’t be in our case. After a Girl Scout trip to IKEA for a tour of their recycling center, I was inspired to find even more ways to become a greener company. We have been doing our part with the usual recycling of all of our cardboard, glass, plastic bottles. Then we also recycle our ink cartridges, catalogs, junk mail, and newspaper with my daughters’ school. Food that is nearing expiration date goes to our local food pantry. And any outdated containers or gift items go to..
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