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Fall Back

Fall Back

Fall Back…

Are you ready for fall? I am not. I love the summer, even as hot as it has been here in Chicago. I will take warm any day over cold. I can’t function in cold. But I do like the change in seasons. To me, it signals a fresh start, something new. I like to spring clean at every season change. At home I get bags and boxes of goodwill ready. Here at the shop we sell off extra merchandise to our network of Gift Basket owners. Freecycle and Craiglist were great for us during our move across the hall here at the shop. Extra shelving, tables, equipment were found new homes.

I guess the coming of fall signals a time to prepare our homes and business for the coming cold. Crockpots of stews and soups waiting for us after a long day at work. Snuggling by a fire with a good book or companion. Taking the kids out for sledding and hot chocolate. All wonderful things. But I am still hanging on to Summer for as long as I can.

I will miss going outside at night and it being warm. Sitting with friends by a bonfire while the kids all chase fireflies or play flashlight tag. Block parties and bean bag tournaments. Ah, summer!

Here at Awesome Creations, the staff and I have been thinking of the Holidays already. You’ve heard the saying, “Christmas in July”. That’s actually when we have to be finishing, not starting our ordering for the upcoming Christmas season. New containers are on the way; new product has been ordered and is on the way when it cools down in October. Ribbon is being decided on and bows will soon be made up ahead of time and hung all around the shop.

I’m trying to keep fall back for as long as I can and make the best of every last day of summer we have. Bring on the Indian Summer!!

Wishing you many gifts and blessings,