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Just wanted to start out by introducing myself. My name is Christy and this is my very first blog post. Not quite sure what I am doing but hope to pick it up as I go. We are starting this blog to add content to our site www.awesomecreations.com

We are going to put gift giving etiquette (we have a lot of corporate customers who ask about this) but also gift trends, holiday and tradition facts and Awesome Gifts we have or have found elsewhere.
My mom, Sandi and I started this business 10 years ago as something to do together. We had a great time, had a lot of laughs, tears and got to do gift baskets for famous people like Oprah.

In January of 2008, my mom got Leukemia and passed away during a stem cell transplant in May of that same year.
I’m keeping the business going to help friends and family bring money home during these difficult times but also we are starting a comfort gift basket section, where we will be having baskets and gifts for people undergoing treatment for cancer. A portion of every gift ordered in this section will go to my mom’s favorite charity, St. Jude’s Hospital as well as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital. We should start having gifts up this month. So come check us out if you have time.
We wish you many gifts and blessings!