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A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

Spring is almost here, according to the groundhog. Still looks pretty wintery here in Chicago. But now is the time I make my list with my family of everything we would like to do this spring and summer.  These two seasons are always so short and go by so fast. So, we make a list of things we want to accomplish before summer’s end.

One idea that always tops our list is a picnic. From deciding what food to bring to what activities we want to do once we are there, it’s always exciting to picnic under a shade tree on a beautiful day.  The kids bring Frisbees or kites, gloves and baseballs or books. I pack a great lunch full of their favorite sandwiches, cold chicken, cold veggies and, of course, dessert! Homemade brownies or cookies are always on the list.

While doing research for where to go for our picnic, I found a link to the top Chicago parks for picnics. We usually stay close to home in local parks, but have decided to branch out and make a day of it. There are so very few things you can do that don’t cost money these days. But this one is always a good free activity. Plus, you create so many family memories that will be remembered for years to come.

Here’s the link that I found for the top Chicago parks and also an idea for a great picnic basket to keep your goodies nice and cold. If you have any great picnic locations in Chicago or its suburbs please share them. Enjoy and have fun!                

Best Picnic Basket

Top Picnic Areas   

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