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A Taste of Chicago

A Taste of Chicago

One of the perks of having a gift basket business is taste testing all the cookies, chocolates, candy, etc. we put in our gift baskets. I found one company here in Chicago that blew us away. Chicago Butter Cookies Co. Their butter cookies just melt in your mouth. Plus their flavor, The Pier, is dipped in chocolate! So good, it’s hard not to eat them all.

We only put products in our gift baskets that we would actually eat and want to eat again. This company was a great Chicago find for us. Mary Astor Smithe (yes she is married to the middle brother of Walter E Smithe) is adorable and has great customer service. She also has used unique names for all of her flavors like The Pier, Orange Line, and Gold Coast. We have featured her cookies in ourTaste of Chicago gift basket as well as our convention gift bags.

We give Chicago Butter Cookies Co. 5 stars all the way around!  We are always looking for more unique and tasty local Chicago or Illinois products for our gift baskets. Let us know if you come across any and drop us an email.

Wishing you Many Gifts & Blessings,
Christy ~ Awesome Creations

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