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Father’s Day is almost here and for some it’s pretty hard to think of aFather’s Day gift for Dad. It is especially for that Dad who seems to have everything already. We are tired of buying clothes, probably as much as they are of getting them. Not too exciting of a gift but definitely a gift we fall back on when we can’t come up with anything. Or we turn to the gift card to a book store, restaurant or electronics.

How do we come up with a great gift that is unique and memorable? The first thing I do is think about my dad’s hobbies, shooting pool, reading, and metal detecting. Anything I can get him that relates to that? Nothing that he already has or I can afford.  I scour websites for ideas. I see golf items, but he doesn’t golf. BBQ tools but he doesn’t BBQ. I see a lot of gifts that he already has or doesn’t need.

So now I am thinking about something different. What can I do WITH him that would be fun for him and make it a really special day? He likes to shoot pool so we are taking him to a bowling alley where he can shoot pool and the kids can go bowling. Followed by dessert, made by me, at home. Now I can add in a small gift, like a gift card and it doesn’t seem so boring since it just tops off the day.

What does your Dad like doing? Can you make a day of it? Photographers can go to the Morton Arboretum to take pictures while kids can play, followed by dinner. Fisherman can go fishing in the neighborhood ponds with the kids while a great dinner is being prepared for them back at home. Even metal detectors can go look for treasure and the kids can come with to be the diggers, throw a few quarters here and there for the kids to find like a treasure hunt to make it more exciting. Golfers can be taken golfing or go mini golfing with the whole family, for every hole in one Dad gets a present.

Sometimes hard to buy for people can be a great challenge that makes us think harder to be creative but the end result is a Father’s Day they’ll remember far longer than the gift card. Remember to take pictures and print one out after and frame as a keepsake gift  for him and make one for yourself too.


For the Dad who has everything