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It’s always greener on the other side of the fence….

Well hopefully it won’t be in our case. After a Girl Scout trip to IKEA for a tour of their recycling center, I was inspired to find even more ways to become a greener company. We have been doing our part with the usual recycling of all of our cardboard, glass, plastic bottles. Then we also recycle our ink cartridges, catalogs, junk mail, and newspaper with my daughters’ school. Food that is nearing expiration date goes to our local food pantry. And any outdated containers or gift items go to GoodWill. We also try to choose as many local vendors as we can to keep shipping costs and energy waste down. 
We don’t use shipping peanuts but when they come in they always go back out with a gift. We did learn on our trip that Styrofoam never leaves the environment and should always be recycled.

I learned from our trip that there are places that take those plastic straps around our boxes we get with our shipments and the soft plastic shrink wrap we take off of cases of stuffed animals or smaller packages.

The recycling manager at IKEA also said if we don’t buy recycled products we can’t continue this effort. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurchase is what she had hoped people will understand. We can buy recycled printer paper, ink cartridges and shipping boxes and materials.
So really we have only touched the tip of the iceberg on recycling for our company.  We’d love to hear how you have become a greener company  or how your company has become green. 

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